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Ricki and the Flash, August 2015

I'm not sure what I was expecting from this movie but I received more than ever expected. (Remember, I'm a Pastor so I may be a bit skewed) There is nothing traditional about Ricki, from her lifestyle to her looks to her view of life's roles such as motherhood, marriage. The movie deals with consequences, redemption, transformation, grace, pain and surprisingly, some pretty good music.  Meryl Streep shouldn't give up acting to be a "rock star" but I enjoyed listening to her and the genre of songs in this movie. Should you go see it? I'd say definitely.  But as my daughter said as we were leaving the theatre, "I didn't like it.  I didn't like any of the characters" so, not everyone sees the world as I do.

That's what struck me the most: we both saw the same movie at the same time and had totally differing reviews. Which one is correct? You know the answer to that! We both are! We're separated by 25 years so the world in which we live is seen through different lens. [Have you caught on to where I'm going with this?]

The producers and those in "power" put movies out with great casts, creative scripts, awesome locations, big budgets, great promotion and still, some don't make it (Speed Racer, 2008; Gigli. 2003) Others take off and totally surprise (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Little Miss Sunshine; Slumdog Millionaire).

Some might say, there's no accounting for taste (I still love the movie Ishtar that EVERYONE hated!) but what I draw from all this is: Hollywood did NOT stop putting out movies. And as CHURCH, we might tweek services, add a little here, change some things, but WE ARE STILL CHURCH! The Pastor is not the main character and neither are members - Jesus is our polar star and when we keep our focus on his message, sharing the GOOD NEWS of God's great love, then we will not go wrong.

As in the movie Ricki and the Flash - not ony do we see "consequences, redemption, transformation, grace, pain" as entertainment, together we worship the one who shows us how to deal with life and offers help.  We are church, we are Disciples of Christ, we care. 


Big Night, 1996

Two Italian brothers who own a good but struggling restaurant are supposedly helped by the owner of the hopping Italian restaurant in town.  His help is that he is going to send Louis Prima and his entourage to this struggling restaurant.  The formal publicity and "the buzz" created by Prima's presence will be the spark needed to get the restaurant going. The film becomes about all the preparation, excitement and anticipation of this visit.  They plan a huge party for him, but he never arrives.  The successful restate fabricated the whole story. Yet in the midst of disappointment, they rejoice and understand that in the preparation, excitement and anticipation, they created a wonderful night.  

What a great reminder that the journey is ours yet the results are not in our hands. As we remain faithful to God's calling on our lives, may we enjoy the journey, the comradarie, the relationships, and anticipation that go along with our quest.