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In Remembrance

Members of our church gather each week around the communion table, reciting the words of Christ and participating in the sacred meal “in remembrance” of Jesus. That gift has been handed down generation to generation.

As we recall the names of those who have died, our minds are filled with precious memories. We are their legacy, and much of what we have – in both material and non-material things – have been handed down to us from them. But what will we hand down to those who follow? How will we be remembered? Will we leave more than an empty spot in a pew?

As you plan for the distribution of your assets at your death, consider a charitable bequest to our church. This is one way your faith can be transferred to the next generation. This, and other types of planned gifts, can undergird our congregation’s ministry in perpetuity, providing resources that will allow future generations of Disciples to worship, serve others and continue the vital ministries of the church.

 Christians also can use their estates to demonstrate one final act of stewardship. Our possessions are gifts from God, and God has intended for us to use them wisely throughout our lifetimes. Through our estate plans, we can provide for our loved ones while also making a faithful distribution back to God to further God’s work. We will be remembered by our giving.

The Christian Church Foundation can be reached at  800.668.8016 P.O. Box 1986, IN 46206-1986.


Time to Dust off the Will?

When was the last time your reviewed your Last Will & Testament? During our lifetime, changes occur – marriages (and/or re-marriages) happen, children are born or adopted, deaths occur.

 A change in any of these circumstances often triggers the need to change your will. No estate is too small for a proper will. If you want your legacy gifts to go where you desire, you must have a will.

 Reviewing your will provides you the opportunity to make sure the people and charitable causes most important to you are remembered. Have you ever seen a U-Haul attached to the back of a hearse?

 Advice from an attorney and other professional advisors should be sought when considering legacy giving. You also may want to contact the Christian Church Foundation, which is the general ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) designed to help church members create a lasting legacy through planned