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First Christian Church

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Spotlight On A Member


This month’s spotlight on a member is Carol Samson.  Carol was born in Arlington, Massachusetts.She has lived in several different places, such as Cameron, WV, Grafton, WV and Parkersburg and Vienna.

 Carol’s favorite place is the beach, any beach as long as there is water. Her favorite childhood memory is the vacation at Cape Cod with her grandparents when she was about ten years old.

 Carol attended both Catholic and Wood County High Schools.  Carol has an associate degree in Nursing from WVUP and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from WVU.  She worked at Baskin and Robbins for 14 years, she was a substitute teacher, and a Nurse at Camden Clark and a Wood County School Nurse for 11 years.

 Carol is an only child.  Carol and her husband, Michael, have been married for 51 years.  They have two children, a daughter, Kendra, 50 who lives in Franklin, Tennessee and a son, John, 46, who lives in Williamstown, WV.  They have four granddaughters, Brenna 20; Gwen 10; Sasha 5 who live in Williamstown and Shae 13 who lives in Tennessee.

 Carol’s best childhood friend was Janice Kinney. She now considers her two cousins, Bobbi and Sally, along with Brenda and Joyce to be her best friends.

 Tom Selleck is Carol’s favorite actor and her favorite movie is The Buddy Holly Story.  She is definitely a Rock and Roll and Bon Jovi fan.

 Fresh Maine lobster is Carol’s favorite food.  She likes to read, do puzzles, and she is involved in many charity and community activities.

 Carol is not a sport fan; however, she does like the ’57 Thunderbird…like the one is Grease.

 What Carol likes best about First Christian Church is the willingness to accept everyone, the community involvement and Janice.