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I'm just tired and the power of one

January 25, 2012

Already the end of a month.  I wish I had some great words of wisdom, but the truth is, I'm kinda tired. Perhaps the weather is affecting me or maybe it's that I was up too late last night.  My spirit is NOT tired but soaring.  The leadership meeting we had last Saturday was so awesome.  The people in this family of faith have a real heart for Jesus and are committed to trying to live out the two great commands:  Love God and Love our Neighbor.  How could you not love people like this?????  Many exciting things are in the works and it is a great time to be at the Mid Ohio Valley Parish!  We are Disciples of Christ, and that is an awesome statement.  I know I struggle to be what that promises - to act like Jesus. So, I'm going on record that I AM A HYPOCRITE!  Yes, I admit it.  I say (preach) one thing and then fail to live up to what I've said.  I claim to be a Disciple of Jesus yet I don't act like he acted.  Oh, some of the time I do - and a lot more than I used to, but I make a mess of things so often.  Paul referred to that in Romans 7 when he spoke of the conflict between what he wanted to do and what he did.  Hmmm, I guess that makes Paul a hypocrite - so I'm in pretty good company.

I admit this because I've heard so very many people say they stay away from worship because "they're just a bunch of hypocrites at that church". Guilty as charged but so what? I'm trying to live my life more like Jesus every day and guess what, some days are better than others.  Today is a fairly good day.  But it's not over, I have many opportunities to blow it.  THANK GOODNESS GOD LOVES ME ANYWAY!!!!!!!  

Aw, I'm feeling more energized now. Thanks for the opportunity to share my feelings - and they are just that. MY feelings.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let's discuss.  I'm available.  

January 16, 2012

It's the federal holiday, Dr. Martin Luther King day.  So many memories - so much has been accomplished - so much to do.  Am I going to lambast all readers about their bigotry?  Absolutely not!  What I am going to do is put my own bigotry out there and ask you to hold me accountable.  Yes, I'm giving you permission to ask me what I have done to help this world be a place that would make both Jesus and Dr. King smile.  As a professional public speaker, I find words, both spoken and written, come rather easly.  What is NOT easy is living out those words with concrete actions.  I am praying that I will have the wisdom and discernment to see ways I can make a difference.  

There is much power in "one" person.  Think of the individuals who have made a significant difference in our world:  Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, Adolph Hitler, Charles Manson, and many more.  As you can see, some of the people mentioned used their influence for good and others, well...

I really don't think God has called me to influence millions of people but I do think God has called me to make a difference.  If I can do that in the life of ONE person, praise be to God.  I am not responsible for the results of my life - that's God's job.  I am just called to be faithful to God's calling.  I pray daily that I can live up to that call.  

TODAY, I will see people as Jesus saw them.  I will not judge others.  I will not think my experiences are superior to yours.  I will not think you are more than I am, not less than I am.  I will love you as I love myself. Then I will love God with all my heart, soul, mind and self.  Okay, I may fail but I WILL TRY - AND TOMORROW I WILL TRY HARDER!


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